Mar 8, 2023
Sergi RuizJosé Juan PérezDavid Lorca

During the presentation, CodePush was explained along with its functionality, supported technologies, and use cases, among others. Below we show how to integrate it into a real project using the most commonly used CLI commands, as well as a brief demonstration of the tool's Dashboard functionality, emphasizing its main features.

All the concepts mentioned were clarified with a small demonstration of CodePush in a real project, specifically a React Native-based application. The interactions that occur at the code level and in the App Center Dashboard were explained, as well as the effects that occur on a real mobile device, simulating how a user receives updates with the changes made without the need to download a new version from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Finally, a debate was opened to discuss which projects are worth using this tool for and which ones should avoid adding complexity to the code due to its integration.