Dec 10, 2022
José Juan Pérez
José Juan Pérez
Software Developer

Our teammate José Juan Pérez Martos, wanted to share with the rest of the colleagues the seminar in which we talked about one of the most useful Open Source technologies for the automation of CI/CD processes in mobile applications, specifically Fastlane.

This technology consists of several tools that allow us to create scripts to automate the construction and deployment of our application for our pilots (test users) to Testflight (iOS) or Internal Sharing (Android). It also allows us to run our tests to validate that everything works correctly and even keep the app images updated in App Store and Google Play with each new release, among other purposes. All this allowing anyone else in the team to run these scripts without the need to know in detail the whole process involved.

Finally, a small demonstration of how to implement this technology in a React Native project with the purpose of deploying the application to different environments, explaining the requirements and steps to follow for integration and automation.