DevOps engineer
AWS | Full Time
About the role
Dec 15, 2022
Are you passionate about DevOps and interested in working for international startups? At Celtiberian you will be able to cover both demands. We are a software consulting firm committed to quality services and constant training in the latest technologies.
Minimum requirements
  • University degree in computer or telecommunications engineering, preferably. Although other degrees will be accepted if the necessary training is demonstrated.

  • Fluent English to communicate with international teams (B2 equivalent or higher).

  • Professional experience of at least 4 years in software development - and a minimum of 2 years in JavaScript, Python and React technologies.

  • Comfortable working with SQL and NoSQL databases.

  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessing (SASS, LESS or Stylus).

  • Familiarized with working with web automation tools (Babel, Webpack).

  • Knowledge in monitoring tools.

  • Experience in application deployment.

  • Experience in scripting, automation.

  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, AWS and continuous integration tools.

  • Understand the advantages of TDD and its impact on product quality.

  • Skilled with the command line.

  • Proficient with GIT.

The attitude we look for
  • A person who is motivated by challenges and detail-oriented.

  • Resolutive and proactive.

  • With a spirit of continuous learning and improvement.

  • With leadership skills and capability to lead projects.

What do we offer?
  • We develop our projects primarily with technologies from JavaScript and Python ecosystems. In particular, we use React.js for the frontend, Django for the backend, React-Native for mobile with iOS and Android, Node.js for the server; in addition to DevOps with AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes.

  • You can work hybrid or remotely with flexible working hours. You can manage your time as it best suits you.

  • We provide weekly seminars, training budget, career mentoring, and English classes. We believe that constant training is a fundamental pillar of our corporate culture and the basis for offering a quality service.

  • Team building activities. We periodically carry out activities in a relaxed environment in order to have a good time and strengthen the bonds that make us a big family.

  • Competitive salary. It consists of a fixed part, in addition to a variable part. A salary level will be assigned according to experience and skills, and will be reviewed regularly.

  • Projects with real impact.

  • Work side by side with the best in the industry.